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If you are looking for a magician for a District Conference, Zone Institute, or other significant Rotary function click here.

Every Rotarian, every Rotaractor, every Interactor captures the magic of Rotary as they perform services that change the lives of others for the better. The members of our fellowship celebrate this miraclulous work by performing tricks and shows that clelebrate the magic of our world-wide organization.

Atlanta and the 2017 Rotary International Convention.

Our members will be entertaining in the House of Friendship. Look for The Wine Fellowship as they have agreed to let us appear in their booth. Visit us there to learn more about fellowships and enjoy our magic. We will also have our annual meeting in room A406 from 830-1000 in the morning on Tuesday 13 June 2017. The meeting is about fellowship with minimal business. We invite anyone to attend and enjoy the magic we share.

Members present and those who sign up for membership will get an exclusive magic trick. Our annual dues are only $15 USD and the trick is worth many times that amount. It is a mentalism trick exclusively about Rotary.

  • Easy to learn: You can perform it as soon as you read the instructions (but we recommend some practice).
  • It uses a stack of 24 business-card-sized cards with Rotary-related images.
  • Printed on high quality glossy card stock.
  • Fits in your pocket, Can be carried anywhere.
  • A spectator secretly selects one image and the Rotarian Magician correctly predicts the selection.
  • Simple and baffling.
  • There is no force – any image can be selected.
  • So the outcomes will be different.
  • There are no “funny” moves. The spectator cuts the stack as many times as desired before selecting a card.
  • Each image has an underlying short Rotary “explanation” that can be shared. You should share only 1 or 2 of these. We give you the explanations to tell in your own words. No Memorization.
  • Spectator is given the prediction card as a souvenir.
  • Everything can be examined. Everything is normal.

Get your copy of this perplexing trick long with all the other benefits of membership by attending the Annual Convention and joining our Fellowship.

Never Rob a Magician

Magic Illusions:

How many people do you see?
Twelve? Thirteen?

Stare at the plus sign. Give it some time. Does teh moving dot turn green? Do dots begin to vanish? Do thay ALL vanish? Is this magic or is this an optical illusion?

Look away briefly and then back for a clue to the answer.



Member News:

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Rotary's Most Famous Magician

India's most famous magician, PC Sorcar travelled the world with his amazing magic. And he jolined the South Calcutta Rotary Club and later performed for Rotary Club One in Chicago when the hosted the Republican Party Convention. When asked to perform his favorite tirck, Sorcar remarked that this might not be appropriate as his favorite trick was vanishing an Elephant. FCor more about this distinguished Rotary click here.